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    14th August 2017
  • Who We Are

    "Hi! My name is Ed and together with my incredibly tolerant wife Laura and supportive family we run Cerberus Security." They really are the unsung hero's that keep us ticking over. "Thanks guys!" 

    You will usually find Laura accompanying Ed on most jobs as we realise if you're elderly, vulnerable or just a lady on your own it can be daunting to have a strange man (no jokes please) in your home. We thought the presence of a young woman with a bubbly caring personality would be reassuring. Plus Ed hates paperwork!

  • Ed started the company in 2007 and since then has worked tirelessly to offer a friendly and honest service even at the cost of profit. Our overall total job costs are significantly lower than the majority of our competitors and we guarantee you'll not a more personal friendly service! Both a highly skilled and experienced engineer, Ed is upbeat, friendly and a workaholic!

    With the help of a select few qualified accredited engineers, we cover a wide area 365 days a year!

    Call now and speak directly to Ed, not a sales rep, and he can advise you on the best and most effective solution to your problem.

    Ed works closely with other local quality tried and tested tradesmen to provide a complete domestic and commercial security service.

    If you have an issue that we are unable to help you with we will do our absolute best to put you in touch with the individual best equipped to assist you. 

  • Sawston, Pampisford, Whittlesford, Babraham, Stapleford, Great Abington, Duxford, Great Shelford, Little Shelford, Hinxton, Heathfield, Little Abington, Newton, Hauxton, Thriplow, Ickleton, Hildersham, Harston, Great Chesterford, Trumpington, Fowlmere, Cherry Hinton, Foxton, Fulbourn, Newtown, Little Chesterford, Linton, Bartlow, Castle Camps, Ashdon, Steeple Bumpstead

  • Cerberus Security locksmiths - CambridgeWe are physically located in Sawston South Cambridge and are not a call centre 200 miles away claiming to be local! Do not be fooled by these pretenders. Some of these firms do not even have a single locksmith in their employ. What they do is promise you an engineer within the hour and then start calling locksmiths in your area such as ourselves asking us to cover the job for them. If they cannot find someone they will wait for you to call asking where is your engineer and then make some excuse (his vans broken down being a favourite) at which time it may be too late to find another. Call us direct to save time and money on Cambridge (01223) 902234 or save our number ICE. We will not let you down!