• Residential Locksmith

    2nd October 2013
  • Here at Cerberus Security locksmiths we cover all aspects of your domestic security requirements and our vehicles are stocked with a wide variety of products that are found in homes throughout the United Kingdom.


  • Nightlatches and Rim Cylinders (YALE)

    Often referred to as Yale locks, these wooden door locks are hugely popular reasonably priced and easily fitted to both internal and external doors.They will often be found on external doors in addition to a 5 lever mortice (Chubb) deadlock.                                                     Be mindful to check you have keys with you as these are responsible for a large percentage of lockouts.

  • 5 Lever Mortice Locks (BS3621)

    These are an Insurance Must Have, and are in most cases, a locksmiths least favourite lock to get passed. If a customer has lost their keys and is locked out by a decent mortice lock,  it is not unheard of for some locksmiths to turn down the job which should give you some idea of their worth, (the locks that is, not the locksmiths).

  • Garage Door locks & Security

    There are many different types of garage door locks and security. Here at Cerberus Security locksmiths you will find there are none we can't either repair or replace.