• Strengthen Your Window Security

    Many uPVC windows have a cheap locking system and unfortunately, burglars can circumvent these within seconds.

    When it comes to window security, old wooden frames and dated latches are the biggest problems you will face.

    You can make burglars’ life so much harder by simply fitting new secure locking handles or sash jammers.

    UPVC Sash Jammers

    Sash Jammers are fast and easy to install, commonly used as additional security to secure uPVC windows. They are available as locking and non-locking options. A Sash jammer is fitted to the uPVC frame and can be turned through 90 degrees to block a window from opening should the lock be bypassed by a thief.

    UPVC – Door Chains

    A door chain is a restriction that has been designed to prevent distraction burglary and stop an intruder from entering your home when you open your front door.

    Most uPVC doors can have a security chain fitted, as long as the correct fixing screws or security rivets are used.

    An alternative to using a standard door chain is fitting a door chain restrictor with a ring, which are suitable for uPVC / composite doors and will fit any door that has a door lever type handle.

    French Doors – Patlock

    Most French and patio doors are more vulnerable to attack, with intruders often trying to take advantage of their known weaknesses. It is always a great idea to strengthen them.

    Patlock is developed to make any patio or French door many times more resistant to burglar attacks. Patlock will secure the handles in the same locked position even if the burglar snaps the locks, so the door remains closed even when its original locking system is removed.

    The Patlock serves both as a a visual deterrent and secondary lock. It’s one of the best solutions to improve uPVC door security.