• You can’t out run a bear!

    4th September 2017
  • You play with matches, you get burnt! Lets show these light fingered larsonists the definition of being Caught Red Handed.

    We won't pretend that there is a foolproof solution for home security just as there is none for the internet but we can certainly help. Think of us as your real world McAfee!

    What we can do is make it as difficult as possible with the hope that they'll find an easier target. It is not a nice analogy, but have you ever heard the expression... "You can't out run a bear?" No? Let me enlighten you. Two men are walking through the woods when they come across a huge bear.... "RUN" says the first man to his friend, 'You can't out run a bear!' replies the second. "I don't have too" says the first man, "I only need to out run YOU!" The same applies to your home. Make yours just that little bit harder than the next! 

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