• Don't run the insurance gauntlet and stay covered! British Standard BS3621

  • Supply & Fit

    5 Lever BS3621 Mortice locks, often referred to as Chubb locks are an 'Insurance must have' on wooden doors in most cases. 

  • There are basically two types of mortice lock you need to know, 'Dead' & 'Sash'

  • Deadlock Or Sashlock?

    Sashlocks have a latch and handle and are therefore the better option when they are the only or primary lock. Deadlocks are an excellent secondary lock and both are fantastic security.
  • BS3621 British Standard locks

    Often referred to as ‘Chubb locks’, Mortice Locks are an Insurance must have in most cases. We supply & fit BS3621 insurance approved Sash and Deadlocks.

    But what does BS3621 mean to the lay person, what extra security do you get with a lock compiling with BS3621 to one that does not.

    Lets look at the British Standard group above in a bit more detail.

    BS3621 is the most popular standard known to most for locks on doors. To make any lock even sit up to this standard it has to have the ability to be dead locked and the key taken away from both sides so no one can gain access or exit the door with-out a key.

    So what do you get for your money with a BS3621 Locks

    The lock should be able to resist attack from drilling the case of the lock for at least 5 minutes. Using standard tools.

    The bolt must also resist attack for 5 minutes by cutting or drilling.

    There must be a mechanism in place to resist manipulation (Picking) off the lock (Keyway curtain or shroud is what we call this in the trade).

    The bolt must project at least 20mm into a full bodied steel keep when locked.

    There must be at least 1000 differs to the range of locks. This is how many key shapes will differ between locks. If there is a street with 1001 front doors with all the same make and model of lock fitted then somewhere one key will fit two doors.


    Simple Security Measures

    BS3621 5 Lever British Standard Mortice Deadlock

    BS3621 British Standard Mortice Sashlock