• Burglary Prevention

    17th November 2017
  • If a burglary is currently happening or has just happened and the offenders may still be in the area, please call 999 immediately.

    If you return home to find that a burglary has taken place, you can report this to the police online or you may call us on 101. They will attend your address as soon as possible to;

    • take details, including any missing items
    • assess the scene for forensic opportunities
    • offer you support services
    • give advice about things you could do to make your home more secure, especially if there has been damage to windows or doors where they gained entry.

    A crime report will be created and an investigating officer and you’ll be given a crime reference number.

    Securing your premises

    We are often contacted at this point to secure your premises. These services include boarding up broken windows, replacing damaged locks and adding additional security.

    Speak to the police before asking us to attend as we don’t want to compromise any evidence.

    Investigating a burglary

    The investigation will follow up on any lines of enquiry in an effort to identify the offender/s and bring them to justice. Your neighbours may be contacted to check for witnesses of the offence or sightings of suspicious activity in the area. They may also give home security advice to your neighbours.

    For more comprehensive advice speak to one of our engineers as they are better equiped to give advice on security. After all, we’re the ones that have to get you in when you’re locked out!

    The police aim to provide you with updates as regularly as we can, in line with The Victims’ Code, when there are any new developments or information about your case or when a suspect is arrested or charged. Please remember that with any investigation, it can take time to gather information.

    Burglary victim satisfaction survey

    You may be contacted by telephone regarding our Burglary Victim Satisfaction Survey. We contact a sample number of victims every month to get their views about the service they received and to ensure we have met their needs.

    Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme

    The Bobby Scheme is a charity in Cambridgeshire which offers security equipment and safety advice to those affected by burglary. It is a fantastic service and should be utilised.

    The scheme works alongside our officers to provide free and immediate help for burglary victims . Especially those who are elderly, disabled or at risk of domestic abuse.

    For a small charge, the charity offers security assessments to those who haven’t been a victim of crime. This is to reassure them and help prevent them from falling victim to burglary.

    For more information on what the scheme can offer, visit the Bobby Scheme website.

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