• ‘Support your neighbourhood watch’ 

    11th October 2017
  • Watching Out For Your Neighbours :~ As you know, Neighbourhood Watch isn’t just about watching out for and ensuring incidents and crime are reported effectively to the police or other appropriate authorities. It’s also about looking out for your neighbours making sure that no one feels alone, scared or vulnerable in the place where they live. With this in mind, may we just nudge your thoughts at this time into thinking about your neighbours who may, at this critical time, be at risk from floods and from the cold. Click Here for some suggestions to provoke your thoughts.

    Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch

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    ‘Support your neighbourhood watch’


    Our ability to spot unusual activity and spread the word within our local community is possibly our best defence against burglary and home invasion.

    Your local Cambridge police can get valuable feedback from local residents like yourselves and we are here with free advice when needed.

    Neighbourhood Watch

    Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch is about local people working together to create safer, attractive and friendly places to live. Places where crime is less likely to happen and people are less likely to turn to anti-social behaviour.

    Every community has its own needs and Neighbourhood Watch groups are exceptionally well placed to meet them because after all, who knows what a community needs better than the people who live in it?

    Neighbourhood Watch schemes can vary in size from a few houses to a large estate. They are generally led by a volunteer co-ordinator from the local community who takes on the role of linking the community to the police. Furthermore aware of local issues, sharing information and advice, local residents are able to develop closer links while reassuring and supporting vulnerable households.

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