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  • It can be very daunting choosing the right tradesman - especially a locksmith!

    We understand the concerns that go hand in hand with entrusting your families security to a complete stranger. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to prove that not all tradesmen, and women, are out to take advantage and that some of us actually care about our customers. If you would like an expert and honest diagnosis of the work required, call our trusted locksmiths here at Cerberus Security.

  • Customer testimonial – 29 Oct 2016 “I have called Cerberus out a couple of times now – when I locked myself out of the house and when I couldn’t get the back door to open with my key. I was really happy with the speedy and friendly service on both occasions. Ed is a lovely guy – hopefully I won’t need to call him again too soon but he would definitely be my first choice!” Haverhill

    Ceri Govan (Haverhill)

  • Cerberus Security locksmiths are NOT a pop up firm - established and constant!

    Cerberus Security locksmiths have been serving Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area's from the same location in Sawston since day one. We have never changed our trading name or number and will always be contactable should you need us to honour our promise. Also in Cambridge and Haverhill.
  • Engineers in Haverhill, Sawston & Cambridge & not a call centre 200miles away

    Do not be fooled by these national pretenders! Firstly, some of these firms do not have a single locksmith in their employ. They secure your business by promising you a locksmith within the hour before trying to sub-contract a local business, such as ourselves. As a result, there is absolutely no guarantee they will succeed in there efforts to find cover. In addition they will rarely keep you up to date and will simply wait for your call asking "where is my engineer?" at which time they will make an excuse, such as "his van has broken down" being a favourite, at which time it may be too late to find another local to Haverhill.
  • Call us direct to save time and money on Haverhill (01440) 972234 or save our number ICE.

    Also covering Helions Bumpstead, Steeple Bumpstead, Castle Camps, Sturmer, Kedington, Horseheath, Linton, Little Abington, Ashdon, Balsham & Bartlow  to name but a few.