• Is that handle getting harder to lift?

    If you have a UPVC, composite or a new style wooden door with a multipoint locking mechanism, you may well have experienced, or are experiencing problems due to the warm weather. Severe weather changes can play havoc with your doors and windows, especially if you have a conservatory!

    Conservatory lock
    Inside Conservatory Cambridgeshire

    Are you finding yourself having to yank the handle up harder than usual to get it to lock? If so you need to get them looked at asap!

    By having them realigned and adjusted now, you could save you a significant amount of money in the near future. When you have to force the handle you are, for all intense and purposes trying to push your house into the ground. “That is not going to happen!” This means that something else has to give and that something will be the gearbox.

    What happens when the gearbox fails? Who do you call? Will anyone be available to help?

    When it does go either your door will jam solid and you will NOT be able to open it which can be a real problem if you’re stuck outside. Also we then need to get it open before it can be repaired. Not always a simple task! Alternatively it will suddenly stop locking altogether, always at the most inconvenient time such as leving for work or going away.

    Although a gearbox can be replaced, in most cases without the need to replace the entire mechanism, this can be easily avoided.

    It’s much like servicing your car. None of us really want to do it but we know it will lesson the chances of it letting us down and something much more expensive happening in the future.

    If you keep forcing it, it WILL break!

    Broken mechanism gearbox

    Although all brands and models of mechanisms are different, much like cars, the parts that drive the mechanisms are small and not designed to take repetitive force. Remember, with a little TLC your mechanism can last you for decades and serve you well!

    • You can lift firmly but don’t yank too hard and fast
    • WD40 is a useful ally when used correctly but will not fix broken parts
    • Occasionally your lock will be effected by weather changes and may correct itself
    • When this doesn’t happen DO NOT leave it, get it looked at ASAP

    For further assistance, help, advice or to arrange an appointment contact your local engineer at Cerberus Security locksmiths

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    Experts in all aspects of UPVC lock repair and maintenance

    Specialising in the repair and maintenance of UPVC door and window multipoint locks. Ed is highly knowledgeable and will explain the problem, cause and preventative measures to give you a better understanding of your lock. Diagnosing the majority of problems over the phone, he can give you an educated quote, not a “from?” sales pitch that trebles upon completion..

    A lot of problems with UPVC multipoint locking systems can be repaired without the need to replace! Our vehicles are well stocked with all the major brands and should replacement parts be necessary most jobs can be completed there and then within the one visit. More specialist or even some discontinued parts can usually be sourced for the following day and we would make the door/window secure until then.

    Do not underestimate the significance your choice of cylinder makes to your properties security. A cheap cylinder will often do the job but it doesn’t matter how many points of locking your mechanism has, if your cylinder is weak so is your door!

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