• Why are some houses targeted by burglars and not others?

    11th June 2020
  • Why are some houses targeted by burglars and not others?

    In my experience, most burglars aren’t like the crew from Oceans 11, they’re oportunists. Lets take a look at some of the contributing factors and what we can do to limit them.

    Why do some houses get targeted by burglars and how to prevent it!
    Why do some houses get targeted by burglars and how to prevent it!

    Inadequate Security

    Firstly, a basic lack of security is one of the biggest contributing factors. If you don’t have a resonable level of security, even the most amateur burglar has a good chance of getting in.

    An Empty House

    Secondly, an empty house is a vulnerable house. If a thief knows a house is empty they are far more likely to attempt to break in. Houses are burgled when there are people sleeping but it is far more likely to happen when the house is unoccupied.

    Valuebles in Plain Sight

    Thirdly, leaving valuebles in plain sight is like advertising them. Advertising that your house contains a great bounty just make it a more appealing target.

    Improve Your Security

    A security assesment would reveal any weak points that need work. Increasing the level of security on your property does not have to cost a fortune. Therefore, simple improvements may make a powerful difference.

    Don’t Advertise your not home

    Leaving a light on in the evening if you pop out in the evening. If your going away having one on a timer is great. Most importantly, do not post it on social media which also includes pictures whilst away.

    Hide Your Valuebles

    Above all, make sure you don’t leave valuebles in view through your windows. We all like window shopping and burglars do too.

    Finally. In case they do get in, use a safe if you have one. If not try not to leave in the obvious places. In example, the Master bedroom is usually targetted, so try to keep jewellery and sentimental items somewhere else.


    In comclusion, tackling these three areas can seriously reduce the chances of your home being targeted. Call for a no obligation quotation or simply for advice.

    We genuinely don’t mind answering questions you may have, even if you don’t want us to do any work for you. We’re here to help!

    Finally, please stay safe during the current pandemic and know that we are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of both our customers and our loved ones.

    Be kind, be safe, be lucky! Cerberus Security locksmiths

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